When we started this business we took a serious look at how others offered their services, often listening to expats who experienced first-hand these services, and we felt we could improve the business model.

One of our goals at First Contact Relocation is to change this dynamic. We are constantly seeking ways to innovate in this business. How are we doing this? Our business centers on four pillars.

World Class Customer Service
  • We offer a holistic, personalized quality service. We do not take a ´9 to 5 service followed by a ´good-luck-to-you´ approach. We treat our clients as we would have wanted to be treated when we were recently-arrived expats.
  • We make sure their house hunting and orientation process is hassle-free and enjoyable.
  • We make their settling in process as seamless as possible, understanding that moving to a new country can be a stressful process.
  • If they have school-aged children we accompany them throughout the process and help them navigate what is also an often nerve-wracking experience for a parent.
  • Post-settling in, we follow-up with expats throughout their assignment and we give them our personal numbers to call us if they ever need anything.
  • The biggest testament to our service levels is that we have largely grown through referrals.
  • We remain friends with many of our expat clients post-move



Communication is Key

  • From our initial welcome letter to the ongoing communication with the client and his/her company during the orientation, to the follow-up communications, we stress rapid, concise and clear communication to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • We have a two-hour response policy for urgent matters and a 24-hour response policy for all communications.
  • We always provide a driver so the consultant can interact with the customer and be 100% focused on them.
  • We also have a back-office team that is in constant communication with the consultant during the time with the customer.
  • We have strong relationships with people from different sectors that can facilitate some of the process (schools, bank and insurance advisors, etc.)



Constant Innovation

    A successful relocation service is largely dependent on solid organization, rapid and real-time communication and well-planned logistics. In simple terms, this comes down to:
  • Preparing detailed house hunting agendas that meet the client criteria but also having backup options in case the inevitable cancellation occurs. Our solution: We have built a proprietary database tool of high-quality realtors which we rely.
  • Rapid Communication. We use real-time communication tools to reach out to realtors once we are with customers. These tools allow us to update agendas with new housing options in real time. If any changes are needed, the back office team manages the process and communicates it directly to the consultant, often without the customer even noticing the change.
  • Well-Planned Logistics. Traffic and parking issues in Latin America often make planning and executing an agenda a difficult task. Show up late and many times a realtor will have left. We prepare our agendas based on traffic-flows at different times of the day. We also use real-time online traffic tools to determine if we need to modify the agenda or simply change a route. We understand the stresses a relocation process can cause, the last thing we want is our customers and their families to be stuck in traffic during their first days in their new country



Hiring the Best Employees

    We hire experienced, bilingual professionals for our business. We invest in our people as we want them to become long-term employees.

  • In the relocation business, it is common to find consultants who have never lived abroad. We believe there is no better person to understand the needs of an expat than someone that is an expat them self. We actively seek employees with expat experience to ensure we can offer the best service to employees.
  • We are a business formed of serious professionals, many with higher education degrees and experiences ranging from private equity and banking, to real estate and human resources.



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