Our mission is to facilitate the relocation process, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition for both executives and their families.

We offer a diverse portfolio of executive relocation services to both local and multinational companies, all executed in a timely manner and with full confidentiality.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs for each relocation process, striving to offer as seamless of a transition process as possible for the executive and his/her family.

Furthermore, our goal is to reduce the significant amount of time and expense that either local and/or overseas Human Resource teams spend on the relocation process. We know from experience how much time this can take, time better served to meet the more pressing Human Resource needs of your company.




Having someone supporting an executive and his or her family in a relocation process is essential.

Having someone that does it really listening and genuinely caring about all the doubts, uncertainties and needs of that executive and family is a super plus.

We have been delighted with First Contact Relocation´s commitment and service level since the beginning and we know we can continue to count on them to advise us anytime we may need.

Adriano Caldas and Family
Regional Vice-President, Northern Cluster, Johnson & Johnson S.A.

Nothing could have been better for my family and me than having the luck of First Contact being the relocation agency in charge of our arrival to Colombia. The team has extensive experience managing the very complicated transition of families to a different country than their own. Thanks to this experience, their knowledge of the country and understanding of the real estate market, my family felt very supported in our change of residence, from the house, the neighborhood, and the children's schools. Thank you very much, First Contact team!!!

Alejandro Ortega
Kellogg Pacific General Manager

We have had the pleasure of working with First Contact since its inception in 2010. Unhappy with our prior provider, we decided to use First Contact Relocation as our only relocations services provider given their high level of customer service and proven dedication to our expatriates and their families. Their excellent service delivery, accountability, and meticulously planned agendas led us to offer a seamless transition and cultural adaption for our executives and their families.   

As an HR professional, sometimes one does not realize how difficult it is to help families of all kinds find their ideal home, the right schools for their children, securing then work visas, etc, nor may we realize how important a successful transition is to retaining top executive talent and to show how a Company cares about its people. First Contact Relocation has a wonderful ability to minimize the stresses associated with such a process.

First Contact Relocation has consistently offered an impeccable service and we continue to be completely satisfied with their work. They have proven to be the best relocation services provider we have had. All of our executives that have worked with them have spoken very highly of the Company and its personnel. We would highly recommend any company to use First Contact Relocation.

Karym Grijalba
Human Resources Director, Sodimac

My family and I, as clients of First Contact Relocation, can personally attest to their high quality service offering and to the level of professionalism. They clearly have significant experience in successfully relocating expats and their families, in helping them adapt to their new country and helping them secure the necessary immigration documentation.

I would also like to note how extremely friendly they are, their wonderful attitude and their incredible attention to every detail. All of this made our transition an enjoyable experience and we thank them for that.


Luis Pulgar
VP Human Resources - Bekaert – Latin America

First Contact Relocation is a company that is 100% dependable with a high degree of professionalism. We have worked with them for over three years and they have shown the highest level of dedication with both the expats and our Company and have exceeded our service expectations consistently. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dayana Moreno
Human Resources Director - Kellogg Company

The service that First Contact Relocation provided me was one of a kind and it definitely made a difference. To feel this level of support outside my home country was wonderful. In little time they provided me with a great perspective of the day-to-day life in my new home and made excellent recommendations.

I am so grateful that UPS hired such a wonderful service provider as it made my relocation and adaption process so much easier.

Graciela Gasch
Human Resources Manager - UPS Colombia / Venezuela

I was very grateful to be able to have the support of First Contact Relocation for my relocation. They demonstrated good judgment, punctuality, reliability and professionalism. I also very much appreciate their wonderful personalities and ability to make me feel at home, which I think is perhaps their best attribute.

Their willingness to help me even when it was beyond what was required was wonderful and made the difference and is really what good service is all about. .   

I would highly recommend them and hope to be able to work with them again.


Ricardo G. Gutiérrez P.
Shopper Practice Leader - Nielsen

First Contact Relocation offers a fully comprehensive service: with just one company we were able to find the solutions to all the required administrative procedures that an expatriation process involves as well as resolve all the issues that arise when relocating an expat and his or her family to a new country.

Our expats have always received a customized service offering from First Contact, one designed to find them ideal housing and schooling based on their particular needs.

The advisory services the Company provides our expats is ongoing and often goes above and beyond the requirements. I strongly recommend First Contact Relocation for its comprehensive service offering and its excellent customer service.

Aura Sánchez
Human Resources Manager - Proalco – Bekaert

We have been working with First Contact Relocation for over years and they have managed several relocation processes for us. In fact, they have dramatically improved the way we work with our expats. First Contact Relocation not only finds housing and schools as well as handle the often complicated administrative processes involved with executive relocation, but also goes to great lengths to ensure that the expat and his or her family feel at home and have a memorable experience. In First Contact Relocation, our busy HR department has a great ally.

Tamarys Rojas
HR Director - Tecpetrol

The truth is that we are very happy here, particularly with the apartment we have which is exactly what we were looking for and has the added benefit of being near the office. We owe this to First Contact Relocation because without their great advice and great selection of apartments, we wouldn´t have been this happy.

Yamila Guitart
Financial Planning Analyst - Nielsen

The team of First Contact helped us tremendously in all aspects of our relocation process! From choosing the right apartment to obtaining all official documents.  Moving here was a complete success thanks to First Contact Relocation!”

Benoît Ost
Regional Business Development Manager - Bekaert

We are very pleased with the service provided by First Contact during the Relocation process in Colombia. We have already gone through this process in other countries, but the experience with First Contact exceeded expectations in terms of planning, execution and service provided. We are happily relocated.

Nicolá Tobón
CEO Makro


We are honored and proud to say that since 2015 we have been recognized every year by the Cartus Corporation, one of the world´s largest relocation services providers, receiving their highest achievement award, the Platinum Award – Commitment to Excellence, every year. First Contact Relocation has also been monthly recognized as one of their Top 10 Global Relocation Service Providers for over nine years and counting.

Given its recognition as a market leader in relocation services in Latin America, First Contact Relocation was also selected by the Travel Channel to assist them in the development of a new television program based on global relocation.